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    5 star review  Josh Black here! I have to stop here and say that Lucky Dog Guitars is hands down the way to go. I could not be happier with mine! These guitars are one of a kind. You will have a piece of art as well an amazing instrument, and there will never be another one like it. Working with Anthony was an all around great experience. He literally stayed in touch with me pretty much every day sending me pictures and videos every step of the way, coming up with other ideas he had and then us collaborating, and by the time it was done it was even more badass than what I expected it to be. I play pretty multiple shows a week in Nashville and also on the road whenever it may be, and there isn’t a Show that I play this guitar on that someone doesn’t ask about it. Also, at the end of the day, a friendship has began. Great guy, great service, badass guitars! Go getcha one! Thanks Lucky Dog Guitars, Josh Black

    thumb Joshua Wayne Black

    5 star review  Great tone and build quality. Anthony’s a stand up guy with tons of talent. His guitars have a unique aesthetic in a world of look-alikes. Everyone should check his guitars out.

    thumb Dennis Brown

    5 star review  The aesthetic and art of these beautiful guitars is without question. Anthony is the Rembrandt of the Tele style. You won't find a better person to work with through your build. And I believe that these guitars will be held in high regard in the future. Think of how rare they are. For the price you cannot beat it. A true custom build.

    thumb Bevil Johnston

    positive review  Top notch handcrafted work.

    thumb Sandy Ellis

    5 star review  Awesome

    thumb Jeremy McMahan

    5 star review  Amazing service and beautiful one of a kind style and product. Anthony is so kind and is wonderful at what he does but is also just a wonderful person. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience surprising my husband for Christmas with a bass guitar. I would recommend Lucky Dog to anyone! We are customers and fans for life!

    thumb Sarah Lou Miller

    positive review  My "day job" is running Boston's largest Boutique guitar shop. I am also a huge gear nerd and always have my eyes open for something new and cool. I have followed Lucky Dog online for a few years just because they seemed to have a great vibe about them and finally decided to toss myself on the waiting list. As I'm sitting on that waiting list I saw one day that Joshua Wayne Black (one of my favorite pickers out of Nashville!) got himself one so I knew it was a solid decision. Fast forward to yesterday when it arrived and..... HELL YES. For a living I sell some of the best of the best when it comes to electric guitars and have owned plenty of them. This one sits right up there with any of them but the thing that really "sells" me on a guitar is when it has it's own unique feel and this does 10x over. This IS a Lucky Dog. My guitar is lightweight, resonant as heck and plays like butter! On top of all that, Anthony is a great guy and was very helpful throughout the whole process by sending photos and asking questions to make sure the final product was what I wanted. If you've thought about getting on that list... do it! 10/10, would recommend. Thanks Anthony! 👍

    thumb Jay Tagg

    positive review  And become the greatest reason to start building really freaking AWESOME GUITARS AND CALL THEM LUCKY DOG ❤️🎸

    thumb Bill Flaspohler

    positive review  top flight experience and top shelf guitars

    thumb Gary Moran

    positive review  Had a set of pickups wound, price was very fair and Anthony was great to work with. Love the twang they bring to my tele and looking forward to working with Lucky Dog again in the future!

    thumb Mike Behymer

    5 star review  Review of #58 I purchased my first Lucky Dog as a public sale on Reverb. Absolutely loved that guitar, so I got on the list again for a custom build. After 100's of text messages, a bunch of emails, and several phone calls, I can say that Anthony is one of the best people on the planet to work with. He will build exactly what you've dreamed up and steer you in the right direction when you are headed off the tracks. The guitar is perfect. Craftsmanship is top notch. I've had/have some pretty impressive guitars from the big players, and Anthony's stuff holds it's own and pretty much exceeds their offerings. Looks, playability, and tone are exceptional. If you're thinking about it, just pull the trigger. I'm already on the list again. Review of #11 Such a great guitar. Great build quality. Great tone. It's beautiful. One of the nicest playing and sounding guitars I've ever laid hands on. Incredible customer service. I asked Anthony to make some changes at possibly the busiest time of the year and he pulled it off. Beyond happy with it. Just buy one, you won't regret it. My name is likely going on the list for another. It's that good.

    thumb Timothy Hall

    positive review  Awesome local guitar builder, check him out.

    thumb Ron Carter

    5 star review  Can’t wait to check out this guitar is even more if you’re interesting and intriguing. There’s a lot of different companies out there this guitar company seems very unique. Keep an eye on them.

    thumb Lee Haley

    positive review  awesome looking instruments..tele style. could not possibly be any better around. I'm looking forward to being able to own one soon.....plus he's a Sims! good honest people.. family!

    thumb Donnie Thacker

    5 star review  I picked up a Lucky Dog t-shirt not long ago and love it. It fits great and is really soft. It's fast becoming my favorite piece of clothing. Anthony was a pleasure to deal with and is quick to respond and also ship. I'm looking forward to being able to get a guitar from him before too long.

    thumb Kelly Cheek

    positive review  I don't own one. Yet. But the styling and craftsmanship are beautiful. A true work of art. I can't stop looking.

    thumb Tony Rivera

    5 star review  I would first like to say that the communication during my build was exceptional!! I received video & picture updates regularly. Everything was done to my specifications and the end product was even better than I had expected. The craftsmanship, the sound, the tone was beyond what I could have imagine. What was noticable about this build is no other brand would give you this much personal attention and detail like Lucky Dog. So, I would highly recommend Lucky Dog to any guitarist that wants a unique, quality and a great sounding guitar whatever style of music you play!! Thank you Anthony for a fun and inspiring guitar!!

    thumb Robert Pragnell

    5 star review  Love at first sight is all I can say!!! Gorgeous!! I can’t wait to get my paws on one!!

    thumb Lonnie Britton

    5 star review  Beautiful guitars! Anthony Sims of Lucky Dog Guitars has been nothing but great with me. For the money you will get a unique and beautiful guitar that will be like nothing else out there.

    thumb Winston Craig Wallin

    positive review  Well it’s taken me a little while to write a review of Anthony Sims and Lucky Dog Guitars. I first came across Lucky Dog by chance when looking for a custom builder. After owning numerous private stock PRS, custom Gibsons and Fenders I decided I keep looking for the holy grail of guitars to give me the sounds and textures I wanted for my music. While you can never expect one guitar to replace many, or at least that’s what I always thought. entering the picture is Lucky Dog Guitars and its owner/builder/guru Anthony Sims with a waiting list more than two years long. I decided to check him out and loved the things he was doing and the sounds and textures he was getting from his guitars. So like everyone else, I jumped at the opportunity to be added to the list, mind you, I am number 277 and he had only built about 50. Anthony always posted about public sale guitars that come up from time to time and then he posted that if anyone was ready right now for their build to private message him and I jumped at that opportunity. Anthony walked me through every step of his build process and we came up with a dream list of options. Anthony said every item can be done. This was back in February. Each step of the build Anthony either called me or texted me pictures of the progress. Even slight variations in final colors was reviewed with him and a fine toothed comb. From the custom fretboard inlays ,to the engraving work, to his hand made necks, (that’s right, no bolt on store bought necks here) to the custom spalted maple top, to the pickup configurations including a Piezo Ghost pickup for acoustic work, Anthony was on top of everything. He made many recommendations and suggestions you would swear, he was building this guitar for himself. Finally, after dozens of texts, emails, photos I finally received my guitar in late May. I use the term guitar loosely when opening the case. An absolute stunner, a true work of art and craftsmanship. This doesn’t tell the whole story, plugging this guitar in and blazing through all the configurations and sounds, and the way my hands ran up and down the neck was not just great, but magical. Finally, after more than 40 years of playing guitar and buying and selling guitars to find just the right one. I can assure you I have made my last purchase. Well, that’s not entirely true, I’m still on the waiting list at 277, but #72 definitely fills all the check boxes and then some. If you are looking for a custom builder, not only that, but a man that truly becomes a friend in the process, don’t look any further than Anthony Sims at Lucky Dog Guitars. Oh, he has some awesome merch too!!!. Thanks Anthony for everything, can’t wait for the next build!!! Ken Rose

    thumb Ken Rose

    5 star review  Made with pride, precision and dedication to excellence and customer service!

    thumb Diane Jividen

    positive review  Well...how do I start this story...I’ve been a fan of Lucky Dog guitars for a while through the internet..I thought the craftsmanship of woodworking, etc etc was amazing..So I’m down vacationing down in Nashville on the strip..went into a rowdy bar and saw a guy up on stage playing a tele..I said damm, I think that is. Lucky Dog.. So I yell to The guitar player (Josh Wayne Black). I said hey..is that a Lucky Dog...he grinned and said a Yup...when song ended, he flipped guitar over to show me the back of the neck...I was immediately hooked..the flame neck on this guitar was just incredible, never seen anything like it, you have to see these things in person to believe the beauty and craftsmanship...Sooo at this point I’m still on list...so, fast forward, my time came up to start talking w Anthony Sims about the build.. So, as I said, the neck of these guitars is what grabbed me the most about them and also the numerous videos I watched in regard to my playing style and selection of pickups.. Anthony guided me through this process, and constantly reinforced that when he put these things in, if they didn’t sound right together, he would change them out to whatever we came up with..so anyway, I chose Lollar bridge and El Rayo Humbucker up forward. These pickups sound amazing and once again, the decision was made with Anthony’s assistance..Every step of the process is talked about with you.. right down to the level of degree or rustication on the hardware, which by the way, he got them all to match, including screws.. 100% MADE IN 🇺🇸 USA... So I chose a butterscotch color, and Anthony antiqued to the level I desired, in full communication through the process... the Butterscotch was broken up with a natural wood binding to a walnut stained back.. the craftsmanship of this finish is truly legendary..the walnut back looks furniture grade. And the antiquing on the front is just stunning, and once again, Anthony is communicating with you through this process...Anthony was very accessible to my phone calls, if he didn’t pick up while he was working, he would always get back to me that day or morning before he started woodworking... Anthony will ask you your playing style, how you like your strings and neck set up (picker, shredder, rythym guy) and make adjustments to your style...you will also have choices for cases... you will have many pickguard choices.. I chose simple black tele pickguard, and Anthony relic’d that to same degree as guitar... Once again, I wish that I could personally show everyone the beautiful neck on my guitar, he did just an amazing, amazing job...I was a bit intimidated going into the process but Anthony walked me through it step by step... checkout my pictures to see my Lucky Dog. You will be quite impressed...if you are not on the list to buy one, get on ASAP, or you will regret it...by the way, if you use PayPal Credit, you can pay for your guitar with it and have 6 months interest free...100% MADE IN 🇺🇸 USA. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

    thumb Greg Mayer

    5 star review  So far the Best Quality Guitar Money Can buy.. It’s rare that a good Guitar can be made with Passion and Pride instead of a Machine.. I recommend Lucky Dog Guitars to any one..

    thumb Joshua D.Bearden

    5 star review  hi im David Draper I love the work you guys Do the guitars you produce are absolutely beautiful peaces of art !�

    thumb David Draper

    5 star review  Awesome cables! Anthony made me a custom 10 footer and the quality is the best I have ever seen. Their customer service is second to none and Anthony is the real deal. They truly care and it shows. I am also on their waiting list for a Televangelist Tele and look forward to working with them with my build.

    thumb Kevin Welter

    positive review  Thanks for adding me to your list

    thumb Chad Williams

    positive review  one word - craftsmanship !!

    thumb Oscar Vasquez

    5 star review  Let me start out by saying the quality and craftsmanship is amazing (Handmade works of art) playability and tone is second to none ., Lucky Dog Guitars Uses the best top shelf parts , mine got Nick silver pickups from Greece , titanium saddles , Tilted head stock for amazing Sustain and more . Communication during the building process was amazing texting on a daily basis sending pics and ideas making sure I got exactly what I wanted . I loved dealing with Anthony Sims and lucky dog guitars so much that when I held the finished product in my hands I immediately bought a second one that came available. Well worth the wait . Thank you Lucky Dog Guitars for this amazing instrument.

    thumb Charlie Durham

    positive review  all the way a great guitar and build.

    thumb Mike Helterbridle

    5 star review  I don't own one, but I have dealt with the owner in the past. He is super nice and professional with his work, making his customer service top notch. There is no doubt in my mind that these guitars are as good as you can get.

    thumb Dakota Williams
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